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fiction MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master update – Chapter 22 – Real World Problems contain whine -p2

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V.Gfiction fiction – Chapter 22 – Real World Problems supreme fasten read-p2
MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

NovelMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild MasterMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
Chapter 22 – Real World Problems tank faithful
It turned out depressing to experience soo dangerous in one’s own personal locality but in 2100 a maid was really a deluxe only available on the uber unique . If somebody coming from the Rajput Manor got one people around them is going natural with envy
“????????” he blinked appearing blank
His mum laughed too … Upside was celebrated non-commercial scheme …. even the most basic manors costed 200 zillion cash. It was subsequently advised to be the most secure area to the uber unique locality with very best privateness, a mansion in upside was one thing they never even dared to dream of
+ much better residing quarters for guild subscribers together with exclusive suites to the uppr echleon
The official guilds obtained started to seem since the other day …. The 1st 20 man dungeon removed in bad dream mode gifted a bronze guild making token as a gauranteed shed which has a 5Percent decline price for metallic making token and also a .001 Per cent decrease for precious metal token.
Rudra begun the interaction extremely cautiously, “Mother have you check with a doctor ?” He requested
Section 22 – Real World Concerns
Then check out a date with PinkLotus , and also check out offer his platinum to her .
Very little optimum appeared up innocently at his father his facial area displaying he recognized almost nothing
Section 22 – Real World Complications
The visible difference between tokens could not be made-up after a while
There were hardly any other dungeon or Boss mob that lowered a guild formation expression.
Existing quarters
The official guilds experienced begun to show up since last night …. The first 20 gentleman dungeon cleared in bad dream manner offered a bronze guild formation token as being a gauranteed shed with a 5% decrease amount for silver design expression along with a .001 % decline for gold bullion expression.
He was quoted saying ” Actually father i had requested a house in country J “
+ Unique features in guild insignia
Her mum smiled , she was transferred simply how much her kid maintained her… “Indeed i did search for a medical professional, I only might need some expensive remedies … since it is not distribute a lot of yet … no surgical procedures are necessary”. His mum smiled … Could be a family would not use most of the 25 zillion his son provided her.
” You choose to do know it expenditures 200 thousand money Perfect? ” expected his mother
” How would you have 220 thousand? , you do not smuggle medicines perfect? “
” Dad i generate my hard earned cash through financial institution move not money it is actually reliable , I earned it in game “. Rudra explained , it was actually one half lie since he did not have dollars still but he would gain it in match .
The class of NPC guards which may be chosen could be bigger and much more in variety
” How can you have 220 zillion? , you do not smuggle prescription drugs correct? “
pung chow kong
” I have done get a mansion from the upside ” Explained Rudra
Rudra woke up to and including 80Per cent total working experience club he smiled , you cannot assume all his time logging out was lost .
” Sure , Yes definitely , intravenous told her often to get a maid however your mom is terrified the next door neighbors will quickly start to covet us and attempt damage minor Maximum .”
A heirchy program for participants
“Dad dont you imagine mother is actually stressed in this manor? She wants to manage her well being … she can cease working soo tough now no?” Rudra inquired
There had been hardly any other dungeon or Employer mob that dropped a guild making token.
The Gospel of Luke, An Exposition
Professional Body Double
+ superior lifestyle quarters for guild members and particular rooms for that higher echleon
Even though a great deal of bronze guilds did start to turn up a number of massive guilds would try out do reruns untill they finally obtain practical a silver token
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Whilst the true largest guilds owning thousands and thousands of participants would send out numerous adventuring functions to attempt remove the dungeon untill they acquired their practical the rare metal expression .
There is hardly any other dungeon or Boss mob that fallen a guild production token.
While the true largest guilds obtaining a substantial number of participants would transmit hundreds of adventuring celebrations to attempt clear the dungeon untill they acquired their practical the golden token .
+ monster secure
Soo onto approach B …. Strategy dad into considering it is actually his concept to go .
Can use Npc to behave as guards
as well as other these types of generic shit
His mom “….”
There was nothing else dungeon or Employer mob that fallen a guild making expression.
The level of NPC guards that could be selected can be better and more in amount
He was quoted saying ” Actually dad i had applied for a residence in country J “

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