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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

NovelReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword GodReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
Chapter 2944 – Chapter 18 – Shocking Technique rabbit worried
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Soon after coming for the battleground, Gu Tong promptly a.n.a.lyzed the battleground and shouted recommendations to his teammates. Simultaneously, he activated his Stealth talent and billed at Wu Lingling without reluctance.
Gu Tong couldn’t help but be perplexed as he noticed Wu Lingling’s insufficient response. In his view, a professional like Wu Lingling should pretty much create challenging even when dealing with such a weak problem. Nevertheless, now…
“It’s finally starting up!”

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Actually, Luo Tiancheng obtained still been rather concerned that Gu Tong would grow gentle-hearted against his rival and judge to fight Wu Lingling a single-on-a single. In the event it happened, it might give Wu Lingling a significantly greater potential for successful. That, in fact, would improve s.h.i.+ Feng’s efficiency for an teacher.
Though Gu Tong was looking at techniques together with his teammates, the timer across the patiently waiting vicinity complete keeping track of straight down. Promptly, the trio uncovered by themselves teleported in to a woodland and spotted Wu Lingling, who wielded two longswords and was clad in mild silver armor, position beside a significant plant that was around 100 yards faraway from them.
Meanwhile, as soon as the various trainers and Guild professionals found this scene, they couldn’t help but weep in astonish.
Again about the battlefield, Lieyun had currently emerged before Wu Lingling and swung his conflict axe at her, both the-handed tool launching a blinding brilliance and growing in proportions the way it created its technique to Wu Lingling.
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“Mirage Measures?!”
in the time of the butterflies
Nonetheless, Mirage Actions became a exclusive footwork that even frontline industry experts got issues learning. Everyone efficient at perfecting it becomes deemed a powerful pro even in very first-level Guilds.
When it comes to Gu Tong, he proved no objectives of dodging Lieyun’s infiltration, both. Alternatively, he concentrated each one of his awareness on eye-catching Wu Lingling’s disadvantages and securing off any probable tracks of getaway for those Swordsman.
By means of the corner of his eyes, Gu Tong actually noticed Wu Lingling status a brief long distance from him, behaving like a spectator as she looked at him and Lieyun executing their suicidal a.s.sault.
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However, as soon as Gu Tong concluded communicating, a crisp and sugary voice suddenly appeared from beside him.
Through the corner of his eye, Gu Tong actually spotted Wu Lingling standing a quick distance from the him, behaving similar to a spectator as she witnessed him and Lieyun performing their suicidal a.s.sault.
“The problem now could be whether Gu Tong will invest in a a single-on-an individual combat. I been told that Gu Tong is curing Wu Lingling as his competitor and therefore he intends on winning over her to obtain himself as top amongst the freshmen.”
The many university students, teachers, and Guild managers show organised a hushed conversation since they checked out the holographic screen with good interest.

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“It’s finally beginning!”

The countless authorities in the world swiftly recognized the reason for just two Wu Linglings to show up around the battleground. Finding because there ended up no changes in the Mana around Wu Lingling, the woman definitely did not use a Talent or Spell. As a result, the only description they might think of for this situation was that Wu Lingling acquired implemented Mirage Techniques, one simple eliminate process.
At the same time, Gu Tong obtained utilised Shadow Methods and showed up behind Wu Lingling. Then, he brandished his daggers at Wu Lingling’s lower back.
Managed she quit?
Glancing at the method of obtaining the speech, Gu Tong quickly discovered themselves surprised.
As for Gu Tong, he demonstrated no objectives of dodging Lieyun’s attack, sometimes. Rather, he centered most of his recognition on stunning Wu Lingling’s flaws and sealing away from any possible pathways of retreat for that Swordsman.
Regarding Bingshou, she drew her longbow and made use of the Tier 3 Force of the wind Wings against Wu Lingling. Then, the moment she unveiled her bow, eight arrows picture out of her bow and turned into cutting blades of force of the wind that flew at Wu Lingling from a number of directions, cutting away from Wu Lingling’s pathways of avoid.

Section 2944 Section 18 – Shocking Technique
When Lieyun listened to Gu Tong’s order, he instantly reacted and activated the Tier 3 Flame Cost, modifying in to a big baseball of flames that charged at Wu Lingling.
In this situation, even if Wu Lingling obtained discovered Gu Tong’s appearance behind her, there were practically nothing she could do to prevent both Lieyun’s and Gu Tong’s suicidal episodes. The one thing she could do was decide to avoid certainly one of their assaults. Even so, no matter what assault Wu Lingling decided to evade, she would still get killed via the other person’s attack.
Back about the battleground, regardless of whether Lieyun’s gigantified axe and Gu Tong’s shadow snakes were about to devour Wu Lingling, Wu Lingling actually remained motionless, acting as if she possessed not discovered both the strikes coming at her.
“I comprehend. It is possible to remainder a.s.sured, Leader Gu,” Lieyun, a Berserker who had been nearly two yards large and clad in armour, reported and nodded.
“How ruthless!”

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